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The MercAPPdos Club is the only marketplace for membership where you can market every month with up to 100% discount on the total value of your market. They can only buy Members. Become a member from today!

Become a member from today!

Recommend your best friends, neighbors and family.

The wonder in the MercAPPdos Club is that it offers you the opportunity to get a discount in your market of 5% for each of your recommended ones.

Become a member from today!

How your membership works:

MercAPPdos Club Memberships: 1- Basic Membership, annual charge of $ 100,000 pesos. 2- Standard Membership, annual charge of $ 200,000 pesos. 3- Premium Membership, annual charge of $ 300,000 pesos. Discounts are achieved by the monthly average purchase of your recommended.  Example: You are used to selling an average of $ 1,000,000 each month. To get up to 100% discount, the sum of your recommended purchases must also have a similar average.

Become a member from today!

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